[ blog-tember day #1 ]

So the prompt for today is ‘Introduce yourself‘. Pretty broad! My first post on this blog, is an intro about me. So you can find out some more there, if this post piques your interest.

So here is a little bit more about me…

I have lots of interests, and part of the reason I created this blog was so I could pursue them and simultaneously create a record of them, a place where I can track my evolving style, my growth (hopefully) as an artist/creative person and also track what my interests are at any given time.

At the moment, I have reignited an old passion, creating handmade cards, so I am making lots of cards and trying to stretch my creativity in that area, I am also a recent convert to Travelers Notebooks/Bullet Journaling, using a gorgeous leather Midori style to keep my life in order, and a place where I can be creative on the go, like this, this, this and this. I’ve only just started my Bujo journey, so the links here are all sources I’ve used to help and inspire me.

Lee Scott, Stampin Up Card Making, Four Feathers Stamps and Dies, Lee Scott©
Card using Stampin Up Products, Four Feathers Stamps and Dies


I also like to keep an art journal, I like to try my hand at drawing and sketching, I’ve started to try out some watercolour pieces, some mixed-media and I love trying new mediums and techniques. I have recently bought some supplies to try my hand at mini album making. Another thing I love about arting and crafting is that there are so many tools, supplies and techniques that can be used for, and cross over to, all types of arts and crafts, this is also good because then I can justify the purchase of said goodies :)


Pink Haired Girl - Mixed Media - Art journal, Water Soluble Crayons, Acrylic, Texture Paste Lee Scott ©
Pink Haired Girl – Mixed Media – Art journal, Water Soluble Crayons, Acrylic, Texture Paste Lee Scott ©


Hot Lips, Graphite Drawing - Lee Scott ©
Hot Lips, Graphite Drawing – Lee Scott ©

A little off arting and crafting, I also love podcasts. And audiobooks. And Ted talks This is what I listen too when I get into my creative zone, they amuse, inform and inspire me, so I will probably mention some of my favourites in upcoming posts.

She Has Soul, Mixed Media, Acrylic, Art Journal Lee Scott©
She Has Soul, Mixed Media, Acrylic, Art Journal Lee Scott ©

In case you don’t want to read my Hello & Welcome post, I am a mum to two grown daughters, one off at uni and living away from home (although we do see her lots which is lovely as she still comes home to work), and one doing VCE this year. I am a wife to my husband of 22 years (really, can it be that long?), I work part time, mostly to pay for my latest obsession, oh and so we can eat! LOL

At my previous blog, The Blissful Pixel, you can also see my love of photography, Photoshop, digital scrapbooking and a few other fun things.

The more things change... Digital Scrapbooking, Lee Scott©
The more things change… Digital Scrapbooking, Lee Scott©
Bronte, Photography Lee Scott©
Bronte, Photography Lee Scott©

So that’s me, at least the part of me that will be what this blog is about. I haven’t been good about photographing my past explorations into creativity, but above are a just few, and now I’m finishing off with a recent pic of my family on a recent trip to beautiful Tasmania.

Tassie Family Lee Scott©
Family Trip to Tassie, family selfie!

Yep, they make me smile too :)

Thanks for visiting!

[ blog-tember ]

Hey there!

So I recently stumbled across the Love Bailey Jean blog, and this Blog-tember challenge, and I thought this was a simply fab way of prompting me, yes me, to jump back into blogging and kicking off my brand new blog.

Here are the prompts in case you’d like to join the fun :)

The Blog-tember Daily Prompts:

Thursday, Sept. 1: Introduce yourself however you like! Pics, vlog, collage, your choice :)
Friday, Sept. 2: Share a list of your current goals.
Saturday, Sept. 3: Now that summer’s at an end, share a list of favorites from the season!
Sunday, Sept. 4: What are you up to currently? Find examples here and here.
Monday, Sept. 5: What was your most memorable birthday?
Tuesday, Sept. 6: Create a playlist. What you’re listening to now, what encourages you, holiday favorites, etc.
Wednesday, Sept. 7: Five things that bring you joy.
Thursday, Sept. 8: A house/apartment/room tour! Give us a glimpse of your space.
Friday, Sept. 9: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?
Saturday, Sept. 10: A day in your life! Take us through it with you by sharing a photo each hour of the day.
Sunday, Sept. 11: Round up of your favorite Instagrammers! Who should we follow?
Monday, Sept. 12: Three books! One you just read, one you’re currently reading, and one you want to read.
Tuesday, Sept. 13: If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be? Why?
Wednesday, Sept. 14: Make a mood board! Are you brainstorming a room re-do, a capsule wardrobe, or already planning for the holidays? Show us your ideas! Find examples here and here.
Thursday, Sept. 15: What is the craziest adventure you’ve ever been on?
Friday, Sept. 16: How do you de-stress/take care of yourself?
Saturday, Sept. 17: Vlogging day! Record a vlog about anything you like!
Sunday, Sept. 18: One product that simplifies your life.
Monday, Sept. 19: A list of your favorite blog posts you’ve written.
Tuesday, Sept. 20: Something you wish more people knew or believed.
Wednesday, Sept. 21: If you were a flavor of ice cream, which flavor would you be? Why?
Thursday, Sept. 22: Fall favorites. Share your must-haves for this season.
Friday, Sept. 23: A family recipe (if grandma allows, of course!).
Saturday, Sept. 24: Recreate an outfit or a project from another blogger. Be sure to link back to the source!
Sunday, Sept. 25: Review something! A place, a book, a service, a product. Anything at all!
Monday, Sept. 26: Grab a guest post. Let’s have a friend share our space for the day. 
Tuesday, Sept. 27: Something that made you laugh or cry recently. It could be a video, a picture, a post, a memory. Anything that moved you.
Wednesday, Sept. 28: The top five pictures that illustrate your year so far.
Thursday, Sept. 29: Your Fab Five. Share your favorite bloggers/besties and tell us what you love about them! Share a link and give a shout out.
Friday, Sept. 30: Picture this, you’ve been stopped on the street by the photographer of Humans of New York, and he asks, “What advice would you give to a large group of people?” Share a picture of yourself along with the advice.

So join me, and let me know if you decide to be a part of blog-tember!

~ Hello & Welcome ~

Hey there, and welcome to my blog. I am currently in the process of giving everything here a freshen up, so please bear with me while I get everything sorted out. Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you, tell me what your creative passions are, and, if you have your own space on the net, I’d love to check out your blog/social media to see your work, so be sure to leave a comment and share your details!

But, for now, here is a little bit about me. I am a wife and mum, and you can see my little family below. Our life has changed considerably over the last year, with our oldest daughter moving away to live at and attend uni, our youngest is preparing for uni as she approaches the end of her secondary schooling, so big changes are happening every day. While we are sad to think our girls are moving into the next phase of their lives, we are also excited and extremely proud of them both. Exciting times for all of us!

So why have I started this blog? That’s a hard one. I had a fairly successful blog several years ago, it was mostly based on digital scrapbooking, along with tips and tricks with Photoshop and a few freebies as well. I really enjoyed it, there was no pressure, it all happened very organically and I really enjoyed the interaction with my readers and sharing my knowledge of Photoshop. An added bonus was that it was a great record of our lives at that time. After a while I was asked to teach my digital scrapbooking and Photoshop techniques, it was exciting to begin with, but my love for digital scrapbooking and photoshop waned when it became a job. With pressure to keep coming up with new course material, all while working another job and bringing up a young family. I don’t have regrets, it was a great experience, I loved my students and made many great friends through my teaching, but it was time to move on when I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.

After a few years off, it was time to look for new creative pursuits. My close friend, Lyn, and I decided to embark on a full time Graphic Design and Advertising Advanced Diploma, with the intention of starting a graphic and web design business at the end of it, which we achieved. But it has been a very busy 6 years, and we have decided to take a little hiatus for the moment as we were both feeling creatively drained, plus the business side, all the boring stuff, took up more of our time than we would like, leaving our favourite part, designing and branding the smallest part of our work. We do hope to come back to it after a break, with a new business direction where we can be more creative most of the time, but it’s the right decision for the both of us at the moment.

So that leads me to this blog! Now I have more time to be creative, just for me, and I would like a way to track my journey, to see if/how much I grow and learn. I am interested in lots of different art and craft, so you will see many different things here, with lots of different mediums used, some experimentation, some inspiration, a challenge here or there, I would love you to join in, but if no one does, that’s OK too. This is just another way for me to be creative, and maybe a little accountable, to myself. I would love to hear a little about you too, so if your game, let’s get to know each other, hopefully we can inspire, create and laugh together!

My Family